Grace as Marilyn


"A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none."

-Marilyn Monroe


"I keep meaning to tell you how much we enjoyed your appearance at Johnnie's retirement/birthday party! The crowd loved watching Johnnie blush, and several people said it was the perfect touch. Your performance was great!"


Geri G. 

Birthday Event on 8/4/18


"Grace, just wanted to thank you again for last night. Apparently, you were wonderful and I'm a genius! The tone was perfect: lighthearted, funny, friendly, open, and you can sing! They were thrilled. This morning he still had the lipstick on his face and was cracking up. They LOVED it. Thank you. We're all looking for events to hire you again!"


Birthday Event on 5/19/18


"Thank you so much for coming to our volunteer appreciation party Monday night. I have heard tons of great comments from our volunteers about how wonderful you were. We all really enjoyed having you there."

Robert M.

Corporate Event on 2/20/18


"You are so beautiful! Thank you for your time and thank you for making our day!"


Ann S.

Corporate Event on 1/4/18


"Marilyn" was exceptional! Grace went out of her way to help me pre-booking then was very communicative prior to the event. At the event though, she was a STAR! Great with the crowd!

Kristi S.

Corporate Event on 9/7/17


Hey Grace, great job! Keith just called and said you were AWESOME! Thanks again!

Chad A., Houston, TX

Birthday Event on 12/16/16


You were beautiful, and we will be using you again!


Kay P., Grapevine, TX

Corporate Event on 12/10/16


Thank you!! You were wonderful and everyone loved it!


Cathy R., Ft. Worth, TX

Birthday Event on 9/2/16


You are so beautiful. It's something very special that you do for people, making them smile and brightening their memories. You are very talented, and special. Keep doing what you're doing!


Brooke W., Ft. Worth, TX

Birthday Event on 8/26/16


Thank you so much, everyone loved you so much, you were a big hit!


Loma F., Grapevine, TX

Birthday Event on 8/5/16


You were amazing and beautiful! Wow! Such a professional!


Asmeret R., Dallas, TX

Birthday Event on 7/16/16


Grace, you were wonderful! You'll be hearing from us again!


Bob P., Ft. Worth, TX

Corporate Event on 4/13/16


Grace, thank you so much!!! You were awesome and they absolutely loved you. Thanks, again!


Susie C., Decatur, TX

Corporate Event on 3/2/16


You were perfect! Thank you! Everyone is still talking about it! 


Judi S., Dallas, TX

Corporate Event on 12/22/15



Thanks again, Grace. Everyone had a good time, including my father.


Calvin J., Ft. Worth, TX

Private Party on 11/15/15



Thanks, Grace! You are seriously the best Marilyn. These videos are fantastic! I know he'll (the birthday boy) love it!


Ashlea P., Dallas, TX

Personalized Video on 2/9/15



The show was excellent, we all enjoyed it! I have your information and will keep it for future reference. Thanks!


Connie H., Westlake, TX

Coporate Event on 12/13/14



Thanks, Grace, for your fabulous Happy Birthday to Craig! Consider this as A++ review! You are better than the real Marilyn, JUST FABULOUS! You deserve every penny! May God bless you as you use your beautiful talent to brighten others' lives.


Mary B., Springfield, MO

Personalized Video on 10/30/14



Grace, thank you so much for your great addition to our party. You make a terrific and beautiful Marilyn. Everyone was surprised and talked about your unxpected appearance. Thank you for being so kind to my granddaughter and encouraging her to follow her dreams. You are a very sweet person and I could tell that when I talked to you.


Susan C., Lucas, TX

Private Party on 10/21/14



I recently hired Grace for a corporate recongnition event being held in New Orleans. I hired her after interviewing a handful of other "Marilyn Monroe" impersontators. The night of the performance she followed a carefully laid out script that she and I agreed upon to perfection. She strutted into the ballroom and shocked everyone as she mingled and flirted and spoke and looked exactly like the Marilyn we all know! She did an outstanding job playing her act up full tilt while never losing her laser focus on her appearance, body language, and most of all her perfect Marilyn voice! She sang several songs not the least of which was a perfect "Happy Birthday, Mr. President." She finished with a song she personally wrote [altered the lyrics to diamonds are a girl's best friend] about my company and our products. She is serious and creative about her craft, and certainly confirmed my selection of hiring her!


For anyone thinking or wanting to hire a Marilyn impersonator, look no further as this young lady has Marilyn down stone cold and is the best you'll find!


Randy J. Nedrow, Vice President of Micro 100 Super Carbide Tools

Corporate Event on 05/18/14



Everyone loved her!


Tara M, Ft. Worth, TX

Private Party on 04/26/14



[As a photobooth owner] I've worked with a lot of Marilyns, and Grace is the BEST!


Daryl, Dallas, TX



5 STARS: One of a kind, Reliable, Fantastic Performer!


We hired Grace to attend our corporate event and she was consistent, reliable, on time, and everything you'd want and more in Marilyn. We weren't planning on having her sing, but she did one song and the crowd kept asking for more! Great person & great actor/performer. Definitely recommend her and will book her for future events!


Emily L, Dallas, TX

Corporate Event on 04/14/2014



We thought Grace was so beautiful and fun! Thanks!


Elizabeth J, Ft. Worth, TX

Private Party on 02/01/2014



She MADE the party!


Ashley J, Ft Worth

Private Party on 01/11/14



I've never seen [the birthday boy] smile that big!


David W, Dallas, TX

Private Party on 11/23/13



She made my birthday really special. I really enjoyed it.


Charles M, Frisco, TX

Private Party on 11/23/13


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