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Marilyn and Martinis: Confidence is Key

My first Marilyn event was at the Dallas Cowboys' Stadium (AT&T Stadium) in their locker room.

My. First. Event.

Luckily, I had my live theatre performance background to fall back on, but still I was green.

My heart pounded as I was led through the underground hallways and private rooms. My hands were shaking as I clutched my white fur tight around my shoulders.

Nowadays, I rarely get nervous at all.

At this point I've hopped out of a cake, sung in the middle of countless restaurants, surprised people in office buildings, and gambled the night away all as Marilyn.

I'm a pro.

I've had so many different situations thrown at me. I've had clients of all shapes and sizes and all temperaments in between.

It takes a confident girl to walk down a busy street in downtown Dallas dressed head to toe like Marilyn Monroe. Of course cars honk, people yell, sometimes they'll ask for a picture.

I've caused scenes at the gas station, "could I put $20 on pump 4?" I HATE GETTING GAS AS MARILYN.

Starbucks baristas love it when I drive thru!

Walking into very nice hotels as Marilyn is always an adventure..

Getting a loud restaurant to be quiet so I can serenaded the birthday boy, not a mission for the faint of heart.

My point is- confidence is key.

It's a difficult skill to master, not caring what people think. The truth is- I do care, but just not very much. :)

I can't care. I have a job to do. I have people to entertain. I have smiles to make. I have laughs to create.

I wasn't always this way.. BUT I am now. Thanks, Marilyn!



Pics from my gig today when I surprised an office full of people!

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