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Marilyn and Martinis: Are you the President of Anything?

99.9% of my events are birthday singing telegrams. 

Wives hire me to make their husbands blush, employees hire me to make their bosses laugh, and I'm always there to say a cute thing or two to entertain the crowd, whether big or small. 

Some events are more fun than others.

A couple of weeks ago I got a call (a text actually-it IS 2017 after all) for a birthday singing telegram. So far, nothing out of the ordinary, but then they said I was to surprise this man during his set at a live music jazz club. 

How quickly could I say YES?!

I surprise people ALL THE TIME as Marilyn, but this man ended up surprising me! As soon as I walked in the room and he spotted me, he started playing sexy walk music on the piano.. 

I thought-this is gonna be fun.

I began to tease him like I always do, "are you the president of anything?"

He responded, "yes, I'm the president of anything."

We had begun an impromptu comedy set.

I sang to him, and I started to exit the stage to go mingle with the crowd, and he said to wait and he wanted to sing a song to me!

He then proceeded to sing an entire comedy song about my breasts. Oh, lord..

The crowd was in stitches.

I played along of course, acting shocked and giggling and engaging the crowd.

Then I whispered to him, "do you know any Marilyn songs?"

He told me to hum one and pick a key.. I then sang an impromptu snippet of Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend! 

The crowd loved it.

So did I.

Enjoy the video which is linked below!

Happy Birthday, Larry! <--click there 

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